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What grills are available to buy in 2023 from Ace Hardware of Toco Hills

Published 05/26/23

The arrival of spring means it’s time to take the cover off the barbeque and prepare yourself for a summer of grilling.

New makes and models are often released just in time for summer grilling. In recent years, barbeque sales have increased by more than 20%, according to a report from the Business Research Company.

Mark Luther, owner of Ace Hardware of Toco Hills, 2983 N Druid Hills Rd NE, spoke about what barbeque grills are now in stock and ready to be fired up for cookouts this summer.

The wood-fired Timberline’s double-walled stainless steel interior insulates and maintains heat for stable temperature control, and the Super Smoke Mode feature amps up flavor with the push of a button. Looking for convenience? Try out the Timberline’s WiFIRE® controller to change the temperature, set timers and access thousands of Traeger recipes – all right from your phone. This painted steel, wood pellet Timberline 850 offers between 201-400 sq. in. of stainless steel grilling space to cook up whatever you want for as many people as you can, all for $1,399.95.
Mark Luther Says: “The flavor of your food is seriously elevated when using a wood-fired grill, and the Traeger Timberline 850 is no exception,” Mark Luther said. “You can set the temperature just right and not have to worry about over or under-cooking. Achieve an excellent smoky flavor and ideal temperature right from your phone using this grill's WiFi capabilities as well.”

This Ace Hardware exclusive is the biggest grilling innovation in decades. It’s got heavy-duty 9mm stainless steel cooking grates, carbon steel flat top and comes in an indigo color you won’t find anywhere else. You can grill, bake, even stir-fry on the Genesis SA-E-330’s stainless steel grills and expandable top cooking grate, all powered by liquid propane or natural gas, for $1,259.
Mark Luther Says: “You can't ever go wrong with a classic propane grill, as it will meet all of your grilling requirements,” Mark Luther said. “I really admire that the latest design of this Ace Hardware exclusive Weber allows you grill, bake and even stir-fry on it. The options are genuinely limitless!”

The XLarge Egg is designed for big families and cookouts with friends. You can cook up to 12 racks of ribs, 24 burgers, or holiday turkeys with all the trimmings inside the sizable 401-600 sq. in. stainless steel cooking space over the coals. It doesn’t matter if you want to grill, roast, smoke, sear, or bake, the XLarge Egg can handle whatever you throw on it for $1499.99.
Mark Luther Says: “If you're a meat-lover and your backyard doesn't have a Big Green Egg in it, this is the grill for you,” Mark Luther said. “It has plenty of cooking space to grill for even the biggest parties. The skills don't end at grilling though, as it allows you to also roast, smoke, sear and bake, which means you can cook your meat and hot sides all in one place.”

Blackstone 4 Burner Griddle
This griddle was designed for the outdoors. Its cold-rolled steel plates offer between 601 and 800 sq. in. of cooking space for all types of gatherings, from small and intimate to large parties. When it’s fully extended, you can grill up to 28 burgers at a time on the 4 Burner Griddle, currently offered at $499.99.
Mark Luther Says: “Excellent for all of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner party needs, the Blackstone is amazingly versatile. It makes cooking more enjoyable by combining advanced designs with the newest technology,” Mark Luther said. “This griddle provides a large surface area and countless possibilities for your next event.”

The liquid propane-fed pizza oven can be used without any mess or fuss. All you need is some liquid propane to start making pizzas that cook in roughly one minute. The ceramic fiber-insulated, powder-coated steel pizza oven and stone baking board, available for $479.99, also fold up easily so you can take the 16 in. outdoor pizza oven anywhere.
Mark Luther Says: “Cooking pizzas outside has never been more fun or simple than with the Ooni Koda 16,” Mark Luther said. “This small powerhouse will elevate your dinner game and impress your friends by producing the top notch wood-fired pizzas. It’s convenient and easy to transport for any type of party. You can surprise your friends and family and their taste buds by following the recipes provided in the kit's essentials guide.”

This grill is versatile and comes with many features you can use for any type of grilling situation. You’ll get consistent cooking temperatures due to the fully insulated dual-wall construction so you can focus on searing, sauteing, simmering, or frying on the induction cooktop on the side of the grill. It offers more than 801 sq. in. of cooking space on stainless steel grates over wood pellets for $3,799.95.
Mark Luther Says: “I like to call this Timberline the ultimate 2-in-1 because of the grill's additional induction cooktop located on the side. You can sear, simmer, fry, and saute on the induction cooktop, all while making anything else on the main grills,” Mark Luther said. “This one can deal with just about anything you give it and allows you to make your meats and your sides all in one space.”

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