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Ace Hardware of Toco Hills experts know what accessories you need for grilling season

Published 05/26/23

Grilling season has arrived, but it’s about more than just having the best BBQ.

Every great grill needs accompanying accessories to unlock the power of your grill.

Mark Luther, owner of Ace Hardware of Toco Hills, 2983 N Druid Hills Rd NE explained what grilling accessories are available to take your food to the next level.

Hit the right temperature every time with this wireless thermometer. It offers detailed, real-time data about whatever you’re cooking from up to 165 ft. away for $99.95.
Mark Luther Says: “This Bluetooth supported thermometer makes grilling all the more simple and flexible,” Mark Luther said. “It helps you to access all you need in the app and makes a finer grilling experience, as you can go about your day without constantly bothering about overcooking your food.”

You can carry everything you need from the grill to the table and back again with this tray and caddy. This plastic tray for $29.99 is adjustable and collapsible, so it works for any occasion.
Mark Luther Says: “Purchase this and say goodbye to multiple trips in and out of the house while you grill,” Mark Luther said. “This caddy gives just the right amount of space for all of your grill and meal prep accessory needs, and also folds so that storing is never a problem. It’s convenient for any party or gathering.”

Keep all your rubs, sauces, tools and grilling accessories close at hand with this $59.99 steel storage container. It fits right on to your grill and can be customized to fit anything you want.
Mark Luther Says: “This tray is compatible with most Traeger grills and is the ideal extra to yours at home. It gives you a convenient and easily available place to keep your grilling tools, rubs, sauces, and accessories,” Mark Luther said. “Just snap it on the front of your grill and store in it whatever you need and you’re all set.”

This detachable roll rack snaps onto your wood pellet grills and holds whatever you need, when you need it. The $39.99 rack is adjustable in width and diameter for all common sizes of rolls.
Mark Luther Says: “We all know grilling can cause a mess, which is why this mountable roll rack is a must have attachment to your grill,” Mark Luther said. “Simply connect a roll of paper towel or a roll of tin foil to make prep and clean up that much easier.”

Cook whatever you’d like with this $34.99 stainless steel tool set, which includes various tools like squeeze bottles, scrapers, choppers, and dispensers. A Blackstone cookbook comes with the set to give you inspiration at the griddle.
Mark Luther Says: “For anyone who owns a Blackstone griddle, they need this 5-piece tool set to assist and improve their cooking,” Mark Luther said. “Clients enjoy using the two spatulas to flip and mix their food as it cooks, and the liquid dispensers give additional support to protect the quality of the surface. Also, the scraper in this set is wonderful for chopping food and cleaning your griddle after cooking.”

Get to grilling easier and quicker without worrying about your charcoal coals or lighter fluid. All you need are gloves so you can grip the two handles of the Rapidfire Chimney Starter, $29.99, and pull the handle to unleash your warmed coals into your grill.
Mark Luther Says: “This compact gadget is great for getting that fire of yours started fast and successfully,” Mark Luther said. “The dual handles provide you great control and allow for a risk-free way to get the job done. You won’t have to use annoying lighter fluid again, saving you time, money, and convenience while increasing the safety of your charcoal grill.”

These lighter cubes can quickly ignite whatever tinder you have, no matter the weather. For $7.99 you can safely and easily light your grill or campfire to just the right temperature.
Mark Luther Says: “The best thing about these cubes is their helpfulness,” Mark Luther said. “They can be used in various places, such as indoor fireplaces, a bonfire while camping, and even in your charcoal barbeque. These are always great to have on hand. You won’t have to grapple with lighting a fire ever again.”

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