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New grills available at Ace Hardware of Toco Hills

Published 04/21/23

It’s time to refresh your grilling options.

The latest BBQ trends at the National Hardware Show by Cook Out News included grills with ease-of-access options like Wi-Fi, more available accessories, and increasing fuel choices.

Ace Hardware of Toco Hills’s Mark Luther showed off what new grill models are currently available.

Brand: Traeger
SKU: 8074664
Product Type: Meat Thermometer
Price: $99.99
Material: Ceramic/Stainless Steel/Wood
Product Description: The upgraded version of the first truly wireless smart meat thermometer, the Meater Plus keeps your grill free of wires and gives you detailed, real-time data on your cooking to ensure you get perfect results every time. It also boasts an extended wireless range of up to 165 ft. to let you keep a close eye on your cooking from across the yard or on your couch by using the Meater Smart Meat Thermometer App, allowing you to clear out the clutter and get perfect results every time you cook with the Meater Plus.
Mark Luther Says: “My favorite feature about this meat thermometer is that it’s Bluetooth supported,” Mark Luther said. “You get to sit back and enjoy yourself while keeping an eye on your meat through the app on your phone. The accuracy is outstanding and makes this a dependable choice for all of your barbeque needs.”

Brand: Traeger
SKU: 8082912
Product Type: Grill & Smoker
Price: $2,000
Fuel Type: Wood Pellet
Material: Steel/Cast Iron
Total Cooking Area: 924 sq. in.
Product Description: The all-new Ironwood XL is here to deliver Wood-Fired Flavor, elevated. It’s completely redesigned to help you explore new flavor profiles and turn up the heat. Super Smoke Mode delivers unrivaled wood-fired flavor from our pellets for hints of hickory, pecan, apple, and more. For year-round grilling, a fully insulated construction has you covered. You’ll discover next-level consistency in your cooks, unrivaled wood-fired flavor, and game-changing customization options that let you create the perfect grill for your cooking style. Smart Combustion technology maintains consistent cooking temperatures, while fully insulated dual-wall construction reduces temperature fluctuation when the mercury dips.
Mark Luther Says: “This double function grill and smoker is a top pick for sure,” Mark Luther said. “Most customers who buy the Traeger Ironwood XL Wood Pellet Bluetooth and WiFi Grill and Smoker don't ever want to go back to their original grill. This one checks all the boxes when it comes to design, comfort, versatility, and functionality, making for delicious grilled food all summer long.”

Brand: Weber
SKU: 8083345
Product Type: Grill
Price: $479.99
Fuel Type: Electric
Material: Porcelain Coated Cast Iron
Total Cooking Area: 242 sq. in.
Product Description: High on heat and big on versatility, Weber's Lumin electric grill takes urban outdoor grilling to new heights. This multifunction electric grill reaches temperatures over 600 degrees Fahrenheit so sear-mark seekers can achieve high-quality searing, while smoke infusion further enhances that grill flavor guests crave. Sear, smoke, steam or boil with various cook settings and keep meals warm so guests can serve themselves.
Mark Luther Says: “Small but mighty, this little electric grill will fulfill all of your cooking needs on your next camping trip, tailgate event, or backyard potluck,” Mark Luther said. “Its different cook settings provide great flexibility and convenience, regardless of the task. Every adventurist will appreciate enjoy this grill.”

Brand: Weber
SKU: 8037939
Product Type: Grill
Price: $1,359
Fuel Type: Liquid Propane
Material: Porcelain/Stainless Steel
Total Cooking Area: 787 sq. in.
Product Description: Introducing the newly designed Ace Hardware exclusive SA-E-330 Genesis gas grill. With heavy-duty 9mm stainless steel cooking grates, a carbon steel flat top, an exclusive indigo color lid, and doors, you can create a full backyard culinary experience. Grill, bake, and even stir-fry on the newly designed Genesis gas grill. Its Weber crafted outdoor kitchen collection compatibility provides limitless culinary possibilities, enabling you to cook food never thought possible on the grill. Also featuring Weber's largest and hottest sear zone and expandable top cooking grate so you're able to cook a full restaurant quality meal outside, where the party is.
Mark Luther Says: “This liquid propane grill from Weber is surely a customer top choice,” Mark Luther said. “The grilling possibilities are infinite with this product and it's nicely designed so that it looks smooth just about any place you put it.”

Brand: Big Green Egg
SKU: 8086435
Product Type: Rotisserie Kit
Price: $329.99
Material: Stainless Steel/Plastic
Product Description: This complete rotisserie kit features a powerful motor that will consistently and evenly turn food over the flame and a coated steel ring attachment that seals the EGG for optimal heat and flavor retention. The kit comes with the traditional rotisserie spit, but also works seamlessly with flat or tumbler style rotisserie baskets.
Mark Luther Says: “This is a product every meat-lover should keep in the house,” Mark Luther said. “The great quality and construction of the Big Green Egg Large Stainless Steel Rotisserie Kit makes it an ideal compliment to your barbeque accessory collection.”

Brand: Grill Mark
SKU: 8083963
Product Type: Grill Prep Tray
Price: $29.99
Material: Plastic
Product Description: Now it is easy to carry condiments, tools and more in just one trip with the barbecue caddy. It conveniently stores paper towels and utensils, keeping everything you need grill side within reach. Perfect for backyard entertaining, picnics, camping and beach cook outs, the caddy is easy to carry and the simplest solution to an age old problem. The adjustable height is quick and convenient to change in any situation making this the perfect addition to every pit master's barbecue tool box. Never be without everything you need simply because you didn't want to make more than one trip to the grill. The best part is when you are done, you can collapse it down to approximately 4 in. and store until you're ready to use it again.
Mark Luther Says: “This grill prep tray makes any grilling job much easier and more comfortable,” Mark Luther said. “I love that it's flexible in height and large in size so that you can keep just about everything you need in just about any space you need to store it. With this tray, you can say goodbye to multiple runs to the kitchen.”

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